An informed and signed consent must be returned to us.

Some medical treatments are incompatible with permanent make-up. Ask your doctor for advice.

Dermopigmentation should be performed on healthy, non-injured, non-irritated and non-infected skin and is contraindicated for pregnant women as a precautionary measure.

An anaesthetic cream can be prescribed and applied 1 hour before the session even if the techniques used are not very painful or even painless.

Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory or anticoagulants at least one week before a session.



Avoid any source of heat and humidity (swimming pool, sauna, hammam) for a week. Avoid exposure to sunlight or UV sessions.

Do not rub or scratch the treated area and preserve the scabs until they heal completely and naturally.

Clean and disinfect the tattooed area for 3 days. Apply a healing, moisturizing and emollient cream for 6 days.

Do not wet your face for at least 5 days.

Avoid soaps, creams and lotions on the treated area until healing. Avoid all alcohol consumption.

Do not use fruit acid-based creams such as AHA or vitamin A.

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