Blading & Shading (Combo)

Microshading ? Microblading ? Why to choose? The combination of these two techniques is possible!
The combo is a technique adapted to those who would like to have well-structured eyebrows and preserve a slight effect hair by hair in the same time.

The combo (combination) is the association of two techniques :  MicrobladingTM and Microshading.

The first phase, Microshading, consists in pigmenting the underneath and the tail of the eyebrow injecting manually point by point (pointillism) pigments in the superficial layers of the epidermis with the help of microneedles forming a circle.
The second phase, MicrobladingTM, consists in inserting line by line, with the aligned microneedles of extreme thinness, pigments only in certain zones : the heads and the top of the eyebrow. So the result is airy on the front of the eyebrow and, gradually, becomes more and more intense tilz the tail of the eyebrow.

Before & after

Before After
Before After

The alliance of two techniques for a naturally make-up result.

The combo is recommended for very sparse or non-existent eyebrows, or for those who would like to obtain a natural effect and at the same time slightly worked as drawn « with pencil ». The combination of the two techniques gives a structured and well-defined result.

The combo is recommanded for all types of skin even for sensitive ones. It’s a soft technique, the sensation is similar to that of a simple epilation with tweezers. Bleedings is rare, nevertheless, it can be very low. The session lasts one hour.

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