The eyelash extensions have generally a duration of 3 to 4 weeks, they will remain in place during all the lifetime of your natural eyelashes.

However, it’s recommended to do a filling (adjustment) from the third week in order to preserve a density of the application, the product effect, and to replace the little eyelashes which fall off naturally.

Regular touch-ups allow to preserve extensions throughout the year. However, Naturacil advises you to make « breaks » every 3 or 4 month in order not to weaken your eyelashes.

The extensions don’t damage the eyelashes, nor the eyes, the eyelashes extensions are applied on each natural eyelash, a safety distance of 1 mm is maintained.

That’s why the natural eyelash continues to grow without disturbing you .

We advise you also not to use grease or oily ingredient on your eyelash extensions and to favour a neutral cleanser, finally to avoid as much as possible the contact of your eyelashes with water, cream and to avoid rubbing your eyes.

At the end of the treatment, your technician will give you a brush in order to comb your eyelashes ideally every day and replace them back if necessary.

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