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Naturacil offers, excusively for you gentlemen, customized restructurations and epilations with tweezers for a natural, precise and neat result.

The epilation of the eyebrows isn’t reserved exclusively for the female gender. The men have increasingly use it. It has to be said that a male eyebrow is in most cases is much denser and bushier than a female eyebrow. So it deserves that we pay a little attention to it.

The shaping of the male eyebrow plays the card of simplicity. It is not a question here of feminizing the man's gaze but on the contrary of highlighting it. Too bushy or too long eyebrows, for example, will harden or weigh down the face and give it a neglected appearance. The aim is therefore to refresh the eyebrow line without being too structured.

Before & after

Before After
Before After

The method consists in clearing the synophrys and in leaving the eyelid bare.

The top of the eyebrow is slightly epilated if necessary (every second hair) for a more natural and authentic result. Rebellious or unattractive hairs can be slightly trimmed with small scissors. The epilation technique for men isn’t the same as for women. The final result is discrete and the natural male charm is preserved. The eyes are subtly underlined and highlighted.

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