Microshading (or « point by point » for the intimates)

Your eyes deserves the best.

Well drawn eyebrows can, they alone, contribute greatly to the harmony and to the beauty of the face.
Microshading is a dermopigmentation technique for you if you would like to skip your daily routine of eye pencil. We aim to redraw your eyebrows in accordance with your face, your personality and your natural base. The microshading allows also to structure your line, to provide it or correct it.


Before & after

Before After
Before After

Microshading is semi-pemanent make-up technique point by point for a precise and natural result.

Microshading allows to obtain a natural shadow effect which will replace your morning « pencil stroke ». The effect is graduated (3D effect) for the eyebrows in relief. This technique should be prioritized when the eyebrows are sparse or non-existent, when they are asymmetric, to correct the colour of a previous tattoo, to fill in the scars or to replace the line of the eyebrows drawn with pencil.

Microshading is recommanded for all types of skin even for sensitive ones.

Microshading (or tapping) is a very soft technique, the sensation is similar to that of a simple epilation with tweezers. Bleeding is rare, nevertheless it can be very low, but in most cases it doesn’t intervene. The sessions last 45 minutes.

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