1 Do eyelash extensions damage natural eyelashes?

Naturacil® extensions don’t damage your natural lashes, they are ultra light and fixed. The eyelashes are placed gently with a safety distance of 1mm from the root, which does not prevent the growth of the eyelashes.

2 How far can eyelash extensions be applied?

The application is done eyelash by eyelash, i. e. 60 to 100 eyelash extensions per eye. It will all depend on the client's natural base (number of eyelashes).

3 How can eyelash extensions be removed?

Contact a technician or a professional directly, who will apply a suitable product to remove eyelash extensions without damaging your natural eyelashes. Otherwise, you may drop your natural lashes.

4 Are there different lash sizes?

There are, in fact, several sizes of eyelash extensions, but also different materials, thicknesses, techniques, curls.

5 Is it possible to apply mascara on my lash extensions and continue my make-up routines?

It is strongly discouraged to use your usual mascara, so we recommend using a mascara suitable for eyelash extensions. However, on the rest of your face, you can continue to apply make-up as usual.

It is also not recommended to use greasy and oily products (make-up remover, cream) on your lash extensions.

6 How to remove make-up?

To ensure that they stay in good shape, we recommend using a make-up remover specially designed for eyelash extensions (gel format) or a neutral make-up remover. Take a small amount on your fingertips and apply gently it to your eyes by massaging from top to bottom (lash direction), finally rinse with water.

7 What measures must be taken after applying eyelash extensions?

Avoid any contact with water.

8 Are there any possible allergies?

No possible allergies, we use high quality, medicalized, certified and vegan products that comply with EU standards

9 In what material are the lash extensions made?

At Naturacil® we have eyelashes made of different materials, silk or synthetic mink. Silk gives a natural and black appearance while mink gives a brighter and bluish effect. If you choose to have a natural/mascara effect, it is better to use silk eyelash extensions. On the other hand, if you like the extensions to be seen, the synthetic mink is the most suitable.

10 How are the eyelash extensions applied?

It is a relaxing, painless and risk-free treatment for your skin. You will lie down and keep your eyes closed while a practitioner takes care of you. To ensure that your eyes are protected, we will install patches under your eyes to prevent any contact with your skin.

11 How long does an eyelash extension procedure take?

Allow between 1h15 and 1h30 for a complete application of eyelash extensions.

12 Will I feel the lash extensions on my lashes?

Naturacil eyelash extensions are very light, and pleasant to wear, you will not feel any possible discomfort.

13 Is it possible to come and apply make-up before applying eyelash extensions?

Without any problem, we will take care of removing your make-up before application.

14 What is the lifetime of Naturacil extensions?

The duration of the eyelash extension depends on the lifetime of the natural eyelash on which it has been applied. When your natural eyelash falls off, your eyelash extension will fall off at the same time. Our natural eyelashes generally have a lifetime of 60 to 90 days, after which they fall off to make way for new eyelashes. When we apply eyelash extensions we take into account the age of the lash.

Regular touch-ups make it possible to keep extensions all year round. However, Naturacil advises you to take "breaks" every 3 or 4 months in order not to weaken your lashes.

15 Can I put water on my lash extensions?

We advise to avoid contact with water as much as possible after 2 hours after the application or the maintenance of the eyelash extensions, we have a water-resistant glue (shower, pool, sea), however avoid as much as possible the places such as hammam, sauna.

16 Is it possible to apply extensions to curved or permanent lashes?

It is easier to apply extensions to straight or slightly curved eyelashes. However,  Naturacil knows how to adapt perfectly to all types of lashes.

17 How do I pay attention to my eyelashes?

Avoid any contact with water during the 2 hours after application or maintenance.

At the end of the treatment, your technician will give you a brush to comb your lashes ideally every day and replace them if necessary.

Do not use oily or greasy make-up remover/cream, cotton or make-up remover wipes.

We recommend using a makeup remover for eyelash extensions (gel format) that rinses easily with water or a neutral makeup remover. Naturacil® offers you the most efficient products on the market.

18 Can I add volume even though my lashes are not very voluminous?

It should be noted that the eyelash extensions are placed directly on the natural eyelash and do not come into contact with the skin. We work on techniques for a natural result and do not carry out Russian volume.

19 Do eyelash extensions necessarily have to be done by technicians?

Eyelash extensions require great precision and meticulous work on the part of the technicians, that is why eyelash extensions can’t be applied by anyone other than qualified and trained professionals.

20 What to expect after an eyelash extension?

Several options are possible: from the natural effect to a more sophisticated look, from the doe's eye to a more glamorous side.

Our eye experts will guide you to choose the best possible effect while respecting the base of your natural eyelashes.

21 What is eyebrow shaping?

A depilation performed only with tweezers that allows the eyebrow line to be redefined meticulously according to the morphology of the face.

22 How long should you let your eyebrows grow before shaping?

Three weeks is ideal to recover all your material and redesign a beautiful line.

23 What is the difference between waxing and tweezing?

Wax tends to cause the eyelid to fall prematurely. In addition, it sensitizes the extremely thin skin around the eyes and on the brow bone.

It is not precise (especially when thinning a tuft). Finally, wax, which is effective in removing thick hair, usually breaks fine hair and causes poor regrowth. The tweezers allow a hair removal with ready hair, respecting the skin and the direction of regrowth.

24 Do I have any redness after the eyebrow restructuring session?

Slight redness may appear due to the slippage of the tweezers on the skin, but fades after a few minutes. A corrector can be applied to return to the office in complete peace.

25 Can I do a dyeing after the restructuring?

Absolutely, the dye is not aggressive. In addition, we apply it to hair only and not to the skin. These two services are ideal to accentuate the line of your eyebrows.

26 How long does the session last?

About 30 minutes for a restructuring. The time can vary depending on the thickness of the eyebrow and the hairiness.

27 What are the contraindications of semi-permanent make-up?

In the context of certain medical treatments, herpes, progressive diseases, major systemic disorders (immune, hemophilia, severe diabetes), skin infections, burns, lesions, severe allergies to (metals), it is prohibited to use permanent make-up. We can’t pigment on a nevus (flat or raised mole). The pigmentation of a minor is also prohibited without the authorization of his legal representative. Do not hesitate to seek advice from your practitioner for any other cases.

28 Who is semi-permanent make-up for?

Permanent make-up is intended for active, busy, sporty or coquettish women, and for men or women with pelada, who have undergone chemotherapy, or who wish to modify their eyebrow bases or fill in gaps, such as a scar in a beard.

29 What does my face look like after a dermopigmentation session?

Each person reacts differently according to their skin type, but generally speaking, there are only small amounts of redness on the treated area. After only a few days, you will be able to appreciate the final result.

30 Is dermopigmentation dangerous?

There is no danger as long as you contact a professional expert in his field.

All health and safety standards are strictly respected (needles are sterile and disposable, disposable gloves are compulsory and pigments used are medicalized).

31 How do I choose the colour of my semi-permanent make-up?

Your practitioner advises and guides you in the choice of pigment to enhance and sublimate your natural beauty. The pigments used also adapt to your skin.

32 Are dermopigmentation sessions painful?

The sensitivity threshold is specific to each person but the pain is generally bearable. For those who wish, it is possible to be prescribed an anaesthetic cream.

33 Can we do semi-permanent make-up on all skin types?

All skin types can benefit from permanent make-up and our range of products is very wide and targets the lightest to the darkest skins.

34 Can people undergoing chemotherapy use semi-permanent make-up?

Yes, in the context of medical tattooing, many and many patients are immuno-deficient because they are often treated with chemotherapy or radiotherapy. We use BIOTIC PHOCEA medical pigments for your complete safety. However, the opinion of your doctor will be required.

35 What precautions should be taken before and after a session?
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun or UV just before the session
  • Do not peel just before the session.
  • Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory and anticoagulants.
  • Do not show any lesions or irritations on the area to be treated.
  • Apply a healing cream if necessary.
  • Do not tear off the scabs.
  • Do not apply any product (except Cicatryl if necessary only)
  • Avoid any source of heat and humidity (swimming pool, sea, sauna, hammam).
  • Do not apply make-up to the treated area
36 Are there any allergy risks regarding semi-permanent make-up?

The risks of allergies are extremely low due to the medical quality of our products and the aseptization of our space, however, if you are an allergic person, it is strongly recommended to seek the advice of your doctor and inform your practitioner.

37 Can pregnant women do semi-permanent make-up?

Unless otherwise advised by your doctor, Naturacil semi-permanent make-up is compatible with pregnancy. Unlike traditional tattooing, the application of our medical pigments is done on the surface (epidermis) and doesn’t cause bleeding. Therefore it does not represent a danger.

38 What is the difference between microblading and microshading?

Microshading and microblading aren’t very different. These are two manual techniques, ephemeral and natural. However, microshading is done point by point to create a shadow and microblading line by line to imitate the hair.

39 I have an old tattoo done at another institute, can I correct it?

Of course Naturacil recommends that you take an appointment for advice to determine what is best for you.

Our work consists in giving you satisfaction and it is important, even if the old lines can be generally put right, to have the opinion of your future practitioner in order to start again on a line and a technique that suits you.

40 I have an old tattoo that has changed colour and can I do semi-permanent makeup?

Naturacil is an expert in pigment correction. Magning pigments is an art that we have been practising with passion and professionalism for several years. We work with corrective pigments, capable, not of camouflaging your old tattoo but of neutralizing the shade that would not suit you.

41 How do I choose the technique that suits me?

Dermopigmentation techniques provide slightly different results. That is why it is important to be informed of all possible ones. The most important thing for us is to determine the desired effect in order to offer you the best technique, according to your base, your face and your personality.

42 Can the dermo pigmentation change colour?

Naturacil uses pigments of impeccable quality. The acidity of the skin (due to hormonal treatment or exposure to the sun, for example) can, in some cases only, generate inappropriate reflections.

Don't worry, your eyebrows will never be pink, green or blue with Naturacil. When poor reflections set in, we use our corrective pigments during touch-up, which immediately neutralize the colour and preserve it in the long term.

43 I have no eyebrows at all. Will the dermopigmentation be natural?

Our techniques are extremely natural. Even on a non-existent eyebrow, we work so that the result is as close as possible to a real eyebrow.

44 Can I apply make-up after a dermopigmentation?

Your daily habits do not change as long as you preserve your eyebrows. They must not come into contact with cosmetic products (powder, pencil, etc.).

45 I already have an eyelash line enhancement, can I make an eyeliner?

The eyelash line enhancement is a very thin eyeliner. It can be thickened and transformed into an eyeliner in a single session. For clients who hesitate between these two services, we always advise to start with an eyelash line enhancement, and then thicken during a touch-up, if necessary.

46 I have an old tattoo that I want to remove, how to do it?

Naturacil, representative of the SKINIAL brand, offers tattoo removal . The tattoo removal is a laser-free removal technique that leaves no residue in the body. The number of sessions is to be defined according to the tattoo to be removed.

47 Can I go to the sun after dermopigmentation?

It is not recommended to expose yourself after a dermopigmentation session. The eyebrows should be protected from UV rays during healing. Then, in the long term, it is always recommended to protect your semi-permanent make-up from the sun with a protective cream.

48 Do we have any scab after a dermopigmentation?

Yes. When you pigment the skin, there is necessarily a healing process. Our gentle techniques don’t cause bleeding, or very little bleeding, but just like a small scratch, microscabs usually appear 3 to 4 days after the session. This is normal. They should not be scratched, but on the contrary, you have to pay attention to them. They fall off when the skin underneath is completely healed. In most cases, no healing cream is necessary. The scabs disappear after about 7 to 10 days.

49 Can you make an eyeliner when wearing contact lenses?

Yes, for a better comfort, it is preferable to remove them and then put them back at the end of the session.

But keeping them is not dangerous.

50 I am allergic to hair dyes, can I do an eyelash dyeing?

Allergic people should always check with their doctor before taking any care.

Hydrogen peroxide, even in low doses, is found in dyes. Therefore it is impossible for you to use this service.

51 Will I get swollen eyes after an eyeliner?

Absolutely. The eyelid is extremely thin. Despite our gentle dermopigmentation technique, the eyes are swollen for three days. The swelling differs according to the different patients.

Cold bags can be applied to the eyes to soothe the swelling. This normal reaction gradually becomes blurred and the eyelids return to their normal shape.

52 Can I have an eyelash line enhancement with eyelash extensions?

No. These are two techniques that are absolutely not compatible. The extensions will "block" the tracing done with the electric dermograph. In addition, the needle passage can tear off your extensions. Therefore you will need to remove your extensions before eyelash line enhancement.

53 Is eyelash extension dangerous for the eyes?

Eyelash extension is not without risk, although cases of reactions are extremely rare, skin with allergic and sensitive tendencies (psoriasis, eczema, etc.) can trigger an allergic reaction resulting in swelling of the eyelid.

The eyelash is placed (one by one) 1mm from the edge of the eyelid, so the glue does not come into contact with the eye. Although our glue used is compliant and hypoallergenic, once applied, it emanates light vapours that can sensitize patients prone to allergies.

Naturacil undertakes to take all necessary precautions to meet your expectations, such as disinfection of the equipment used, the quality of our applications and the products used, and rapid drying.

54 Can I apply mascara to my eyelash extensions?

It is not recommended to put mascara on the extensions because of the greasy components it can harm the hold of your "false eyelashes". Mascara specific to eyelash extensions exist, and are much more suitable.

55 Can eyelash extensions bother me?

Naturacil offers you extension poses made by us and our expert hands.

The eyelashes used are extremely lightweight.

These two essential criteria combined will ensure that you will not feel any discomfort.

56 What should I avoid after an extension application?

You should avoid wetting them for 24 hours, avoid rubbing them, applying greasy substances (such as greasy eye creams or oils) and it is advisable to brush them every day.

57 Can eyelash extensions be made when wearing contact lenses?

Yes, for a better comfort, it is preferable to remove them and then put them back at the end of the session.

But keeping them is not dangerous. The glue may slightly make the eyes watering for a few minutes at the end of the session, so it is recommended to put them back once the session is over.

58 Is it better to wear mascara or make eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions will gladly replace your mascara, no need to apply make-up. Extensions can be ideal when mascara is used every day. However, breaks are needed. In order not to weaken the new regrowths with too repetitive touch-ups, it is important to remove them and put on mascara if necessary for a few months, before applying extensions again.

59 I would like to have long lashes but which sizes should I choose for my lash extensions?

The most classic extension will double your natural lashes. A result that is already more than visible.

At Naturacil, we love elegance and refinement. Cabaret extensions? No. To do this, we judiciously choose appropriate sizes to provide you with a glamorous and sexy result while maintaining a natural look. If you have very short lashes, it is impossible to apply very long lashes, a too heavy lash will weaken your lashes, and the result will be expected.

60 I would like to remove my extensions how to do it?

You should never remove them yourself. Removal is quick and painless. All you have to do is make an appointment. We apply a remover (removal product) to your lashes and just in a few minutes the glue dissolves.

We remove the lashes by sliding them with a pair of pliers along your natural lashes. The removal doesn’t weaken your lashes.

61 What is the difference between an eyelash extension and a LashLift?

LashLift is a technique that lifts and colours your natural lashes. The extension is a false eyelash application.

62 Does the LashLift damage eyelashes?

No, it's a painless, unconstrained performance and the result is stunning. It is simply a matter of modifying the curvature of the lash from the base. Over the length, the curvature remains natural, but the root is raised.

For this purpose we use single-use curved silicone capsules.

These capsules are placed on the eyelids with a hypoallergenic, water-based glue.

We then apply the lashes one by one to the capsule.

Thus, our enhancement, fixing and dyeing products are applied and are not in contact with your skin.

We end with a nourishing treatment. Even the most sensitive eyes can be seduced.

63 Can I do an eyelash line enhancement with a Lashlift?

Yes, it is possible to do a Lashlift and an eyelash line enhancement during the same session. However, the eyelids can be swollen after an eyelash line enhancement for 3 to 4 days. During these few days, the effect of the lashlift will not be highlighted.

64 What is lashbotox?

The lash botox is a lashlift combined with a care. The application time of this treatment is 15 to 20 minutes (in addition to the initial application time). This botox treatment nourishes the lashes in depth and sheaths them over a long period of time.

65 What are the counter-indications of the Lashlift?

The lashlift is a unconstrained method, you can make them up, wet them, and rub your eyes without discomfort.

66 I have freckles but I would like to intensify them is it possible?

Naturacil offers the creation of freckles, or intensify those you already have, in semi-permanent make-up. Point by point, they remain natural and blend in perfectly with your complexion.

67 Do you do small tattoos on your body?

Naturacil, unlike tattoo artists, is specialized in dermopigmentation, microblading, microshading; specialist in eye enhancement, permanent make-up related to the face (freckles etc.).

Therefore we do not offer dermopigmentation on the body.

68 Isn't men's shaping too structured?

Restructuring (or shaping) for men is different from that for women. Although we are for gender equality, we are ok to keep your masculine and natural lines, gentlemen.

However, it is still important to have your eyebrows cared for. For this reason, our work consists in cleaning and cutting your line without distorting it.

69 I have a scar in my beard, what can I do?

Naturacil offers dermopigmentation for men, targeted for scars for example. We pigment the area to fill in the gaps. The result is almost invisible.

70 I am a man with light eyelashes, what can I do?

Naturacil offers ultra-natural eyelash dyeing that can highlight your eyes while preserving your masculinity.

For any other questions, do not hesitate to ask your practitioner.
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