The eyebrows are in the centre of all attention. Henceforth all the eyes are on them. They play a primordial role in the expression and the harmony of the face: badly structured, they can give a tired look and an appearance of premature ageing.

Well-filled and worked eyebrows enlarge the eyes and make your face visually younger. Naturacil offers you the restructuration or the shaping of the eyebrow, carefully and meticulously done, with tweezers and with the help of little scissors in order to master the possible tufts and unruly hairs. The shaping Naturacil includes also a slight make-up with eyebrow pencil, done if necessary, in order to perfect the line and fill in the sparse zones.
The eyes are enlarged, transformed, sublimated and become more than ever a seduction weapon. The maintenance is done every month in accordance with the growth, the sessions last between 15-30 minutes.

Maurice Sève, French poet of the Middle Age, emphasizes the importance of the eyebrow in his poem « The blazon of the eyebrow », the eyebrow is personified, it is the synecdoche of the beloved person.

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Anatomically, it’s an arched musculocutaneous protuberance covered with hair. It consists of a medial head, a central body and a lateral tail.

The eyebrows, separated by the intersuperciliary space, participate to the non-verbal communication. The subjacent muscles allow in fact to express feelings as joy, sadness, fear, anger etc. The eyebrows also protect the eyes from the sun, rain, sweat, sand and dust.

There are reference points to define your « ideal » line :

  • the first reference point begins at the level of the outside of the nostril follows the nose until the inner corner of the eye, so we have a point 1 defined by a vertical line : the head of the eyebrow
  • the second reference point begins at the level of the outside of the nostril until the center of the pupil (the fixed and centered eyes) we have a point 2 defined by a vertical line : the eyebrow breakage
  • finally, still beginning  at the level of the outside of the nostril, we pass through the external corner of the eye and we have a point 3 defined by a bent line determining the extremity of the tail, the final point of the line of the eyebrow

These three connected points give us approximately the global line of the eyebrow.
However, it isn’t a golden role, we aren’t robots ! No calculation can evaluate the beauty and the complex harmony of the face and nothing can replace the eye and the expert judgment of our Naturacil professionals.

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