The dyeing, more visible eyelashes in less than no time...

Naturacil offers the dyeing, or colouration of the eyelashes which acts as a natural mascara, in order to colour them and make them darker. The dye lays down a slight line darker at the root and draws naturally a slight and ephemere«eyelash lince enhancement” for a more intense gaze.

It is recommended to combine the dyeing with a raising of eyelashes : the « Lashlift ». The dyeing of the eyelashes is particularly adapted for those who take part in sporting activities on a regular basis, namely the swimming (the dye doesn’t run off), for the customers having blond or very light eyelashes or those who would like to look naturally made up, without having to avoid the hardship of make-up..
It’s also ideal during holidays in the swimming pool or at the seaside. It is recommended for persons who don’t tolerate cosmetic products and for those who wear contact lenses ( to remove during the application for a better comfort).

Before & after

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Before After

Confort, practicality and time saving are the keywors of this service offered by Naturacil.

The gaze is sustained, less tired and emphasized. The session, totally painless lasts about 20 minutes and the duration is 3 to 4 weeks. The browartist will apply beforehand a greasy cream under your eyes then a protective film in order to avoid staining the skin with the colouration. Then with the help of a brush she will deposit the dye over the entire length of the eyelashes. She will clean it with water of cornflower, after an exposure time 15 to 20 minutes.

The result is immediate : the eyelashes made darker fringe nicely the gaze and sublimate it in a very natural way.

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