Lash Lift 
No more lumpy mascara and eyelash curler which torture and damage your eyelashes.

The technique Lashlift (or raising of the eyelashes) by Naturacil allow s to lengthen, to encase and to raise your eyelashes from the base up to the point. The Lashlift opens and lights up your gaze for a result to break the hearts in a heartbeat.

It’s ideal and revolutionary for those who would like to open their gaze, who have falling eyelashes ( downward implantations), for those who want to get out of the mascara or also for those who don’t tolerate the eyelashes extension. The method is totally painless, it consists in applying on the moving eyelids (superior), silicone flexible curved capsules on which the eyelashes are carefully applied and well distributed evenly one by one with the help of a plier.
The treatment last about 45 minutes even 1 h and is divided in several stages :

  • Choice of the size of the curved line of the eyelashes (S, M, or L)
  • Application of a lifting serum to lengthen the eyelashes (10 to 15 min according to the eyelashes)
  • Application of a second serum to fix the raised eyelashes (10 to 15 min according to the eyelashes)
  • Application of a dye to make the eyelashes darker (10 min)
  • Special application of a nourishing sheating care with botox (LASHBOTOX) (10 min)

Before & after

Before After
Before After

The duration is about 2 months. For an optimal result, it’s important not to put a mascara during 12 h before the treatment.

Without contraindications, the addition of mascara is even possible, after the treatment, for some more volume and to create an effect « waouh ».

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Lash Lift


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