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The tattood freckles, or « fake freckles », raise the complexion, or emphasize your existing freckles, and bring out the cheekbones. They give a "look good" effect instantly.

The freckles, due to a particular pigmentation of the skin and/or to solar effect, make also the face younger, et give a dynamic aspect. They brighten the face up providing a sparkling side.

For a long time ignored, nowadays they are an undeniable asset of beauty.

NATURACIL offers the semi-permanent make up for ultranatural freckles. The technique is identical to that used for microshading. It suits to the persons who would like to brighten their face and to give more character to their complexion. The freckles can also be used for dissimulating scars, acne, brown stains or small vessels.

Before & after

Before After
Before After

The colour of honey is the more similar colour to a real freckle.

Thanks to a device called dermograph, manual and not electrical, our practitioner NATURACIL inserts, point by point pigments in the epidermis, on the nasal dorsum and above the cheekbones.

For a natural effect, it is recommended to realise irregular freckles of different size. A session lasts 45 minutes. A slight touch-up is to be planned after one month. The maintenance is done once a year. At the end of the session, the fake freckles appear dark before going lighter quickly. One month later the freckles seem totally natural.

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