The dyeing a « little lash » to your eyebrows

Natiracil offers you the dyeing of the eyebrows. It consists in colouring the eyebrow perennially when it’s too light. The colouration allows to intensify the look creating a natural contrast between the skin and the eyebrows. The eyebrows are visibly denser and darker. The result last three to four weeks and the effect is immediate. All the eyes will be turned towards yours.

The light complexions are particularly enhanced. The dyeing of the eyebrows is ideal after a shaping because it will structure and emphasize the form realised.

After determining the desired colour, we apply vaseline around the eyebrows in order to avoid colouring the skin. After the time of applying the dyeing which doesn’t exceed 15 to 20 minutes, we rinse with cornflower water in order not to irritate or damage the skin. It lasts about 3 weeks. In order to guarantee a natural effect, it is recommended that your eyebrows have a colour of a darker tone than that of your hair.

Please note: the dye is fixed only on the existing hairs, it doesn’t fill in the holes.

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