Eyeliner thicker and more visible than eyelash line enhancement is a semi-permanent make-up or dermopigmentation which will highlight the eyelashes and intensify the look significantly. It can also modify the form of the eye (doe’s eye), enlargen your gaze, and make it more intense and more sophisticated.

Eye-Liner, the semi-permanent make-up for a stunning look.

Eye-liner is ideal for those who wear make up every day. Difficult to apply it in classical make-up. It doesn’t always hold on well and it can be embarrassing for the most sensitive eyes. Naturacil, specialist of the eyes, offers you this enchanting and very glamour semi-permanent make-up, a real weapon of seduction to be beautiful when you jump out of bed.

Before & after

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Before After

The form is defined according to the expected result and the shape of the eye.

The session begins with the application of an anesthetic on the eyelids. With the help of thin, sterilized single use needle the Naruracil practitioner will apply the black pigment to the root of the eyelashes and on the eyelid, in the superficial layer of the skin with an electrical dermograph. The session lasts about 1 hour. One week later, the line of the Eyeliner begins to form a scab : it’s imperative to let this scab heal naturally and to avoid any contact with water and any exposure to the sun until the end of the healing. A touch-up is necessary four weeks after the session in order to perfect the line. Following the treatment the tattooed eyelid will be a little bit swollen and red but this natural reaction will disappear after only a few days.

Applying ice packs will help reduce swelling and discomfort. The maintenance is done once a year.

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