The founder

From the earliest age, Sarah draws female portraits with a pencil. Her artistic universe, already very personal and creative, highlights the beauty of the woman, her hypnotic and spellbinding eyes and her assertive personality.

The women of her family, especially her mother, become her models. Union of force, of beauty, of authenticity and of determination. These are radiant, self-willed women with powerful eyes. At the age of 20 she enters a professional make-up school.

Her first job in an institute exclusively dedicated to the eyes is a real revelation. During 3 years, she concentrates herself with the perfectionism and the passion which characterizes her on the techniques and the enhancement of the eyes and brings her work to the perfection.

With her experience, which confirms her in the path which she has chosen to pursue as she would like to be independent, she opens a private space in the flat in Neuilly-sur-Seine where she grew up. Her work of irreproachable quality and word of mouth helps her to constitute very quickly a demanding, discerning and loyal clientele. In demand, Sarah shares her activities between Paris, provincial France and foreign countries.

Her reputation has been gained.

Warm, authentic and humble, she receives her customers with professionalism and with the will to best meet their requirements. Her expert eyes and her steady hand are the guarantees of a accomplished, devoted and customised care where each customer benefits the latest treatments.

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