Tattoo correction, a desire to renew your eyebrows

The dermopigmentation of the eyebrows, even if it’s also known as « semi-permanent make-up » shouldn’t be taken lightly. The result, according to the different techniques used in the institute and to the different types of skin, can last 3 to 5 years. Therefore the choice of the practitioner is primordial in order to avoid all inconvenience.

Do you have a previous line which doesn’t convene you any more ?
The different problems which can arise : an asymmetry, a colour too dark, too light or not appropriate (colours which change) or also a size of eyebrow which doesn’t match correctly the morphology of your face.
This may be due to : Cela peut être dû à:

  • for the form, a bad conception of the starting line (beforehand defined with pencil), a bad technique used, care by different practitioners  or institutes, bad maintenance.
  • for the colour, an exposure to the sun without protection, a treatment of antibiotics, an hormonal change, a bad following of post-treatment instructions, the use of pigments of bad quality.
That’s why NATURACIL, through its professionalism and its expertise, commits itself in providing care of an irreproachable quality in order to satisfy its customers and to guarantee them an optimal result.

Before & after

NATURACIL intervenes in surface and use only soft and natural dermopigmentation techniques.

Our products are tested and approved by the highest standards. Our neutraliser pigments allow us to correct easily the inappropriate colours.

NATURACIL offers free advising appointements in order to guide you at best in your approach. The correction method will be defined according to each case. In this way the use of the laser, which can generate scars, is avoided.

As we are above all engaged, and in order to offer you the best care, we don’t do correction on tattoos if we aren’t convinced that the result will be better.

Our prices

Correction on previous line

200 € / 300 €

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