Even if this technique will raise eyebrows in many people's eyes, dyeing the male eyebrow becomes useful and judicious for blond, or ginger eyebrows or when the eyebrows are grey and mark the first signs of maturity.

For a long time reserved for women, the dyeing of eyebrows or eyelashes for men is now a major ally in the beauty of the eyes. Ultra natural, the others will only see fire.

Reveal your face thanks to the dyeing for a powerful and seductive look.

Before & after

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Before After

The dyeing will rejuvenate the eyes and give them vitality.

The result is natural and perfectly matches your complexion. Naturacil attaches great importance to the preservation of male identity and its authenticity.
After applying a greasy cream around the eyebrows or eyelashes to prevent the colouring from staining the skin, the practitioner spreads the dye over the entire length of the hair or eyelashes. After 15 to 20 minutes of exposure, she rinses them with cornflower water. The result is immediate. A monthly session is recommended.

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