Beauty spots : become seed of beauty at NATURACIL

A well-placed beauty spot ban be asset of seduction. It sublimates an expression and attracts attention on a part of the face: on a well-drawn mouth or at the level of the eyes for example.

It’s up to you to choose the beauty spot which suits you or to emphasize that or those which you have already in order to embellish a part of you face and to sublimate certains personnality traits. If you want to increase your charm, it’s possible in a very natural and discrete way. The beauty spot can also be used to hide a default, an imperfection, a stain or a scar.

Before & after

Before After
Before After

Naturacil offers a dermopigmentation point by point.

The zone choosen is worked with extreme precision on the surface, millimetre by millimetre to create a perfect relief. The session lasts only 20 minutes and it’is almost painless according to the pigmented zone. The colour is definitive only after the touch-up and goes lighter progressively. The touch-up must be done one month after the first session. An maintenance once a year is enough. At a minimal cost this coquetry very appreciated perfect your make-up and gives it a touch of glamour.

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