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At Naturacil, to choose oneself is first to know oneself well. Our recruitment process takes place in two stages. It allows us on the one hand to appreciate your areas of expertise and your experience, but it is especially the opportunity to discuss what we can accomplish together.

At the origin of any great idea, there are always individual talents. The company is not an end in itself but a means to create the conditions favorable to the development of these talents. Faithful to this humanist vision, Sarah uses a key dimension: she must help her employees to make them want to learn even more, while accompanying the objectives of customer satisfaction and quality charter at Naturacil!

We attach the greatest importance to maintaining the work / life balance. We are committed to creating a favorable environment for employees, especially for women who are "mothers", and to defend the principle of non-discrimination in the professional development of the employees concerned.

Our goal: to make you progress and learn by your side.

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Maximum file size: 5MB

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